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Cool Edit Pro 2.1

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  • 17/05/2013
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4.5 stars , 43 votes
Place77 Editor's Review - Cool Edit Pro

Edit audio files in detail

This digital sound editor is a professional utility designed for editing, recording or mixing audio tracks, with lots of cool effects, presets and powerful audio features, all together designed to help you create stunning audio projects.
The app’s interface is very well organized so it’s easy to handle, despite of the large number of features integrated. It supports the most popular formats and allows you to save your work using numerous industry-standard formats or compressed formats like .wav, .aif, .mp3, .mp3PRO, .wma and many more.
You can play with lots of high-quality audio effects like dynamic delay, echo chamber, reverb, special effects such as brainwave synchronizer or distorsion as well as you can enable DirectX effects. The multitrack environment lets you playback or mixdown multiple waveforms or soundtracks simultaneously. You can arrange your audio in tracks, set volume and pan levels, set routing controls, add real-time effects and then create a stereo or more channels waveform with all the elements of your mix.
All in all, Cool Edit Pro is a professional software, also known as Adobe Audition, that promises amazing results in terms of audio editing/mixing projects, no matter how complex they may be.

Publisher Description

Whether you`re an audio engineer, multimedia creator, web developer, or musician, Cool Edit PRO is the software solution that will meet your demanding needs. More powerful than ever, Cool Edit Pro version 2 is packed with the latest and tremendousest features that the digital audio industry has to offer.
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by Tim on 2011-02-27 07:49:26

This is one of the best programs. Easy to use and to understand, nice graphic.

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